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Video Eyeball Magazine – No. 5 – Dec 1994/Jan 1995 Issue


Video Eyeball No. 5
December 1994/January 1995

This ultra-rare magazine about obscure and cult films on VHS tape you see before you is called Video Eyeball: the Video Suggestion Rag with the Optic Nerve. Originally published as a free newsprint paper bimonthly by Dave Yount in Boston, it eventually expanded into national distribution with a very slick and polished look. This publication is for the true cineaaste and movie nerd, reviewing the best overlooked movies, TV and more on VHS tape, related CDs, books and zines as well as cataloging video sources. Impossible to find back issues anywhere, these magazines are true time capsule treasures of the early VHS tape, Beta, and Laserdisc format rental and collecting era.

This issue of Video Eyeball covers reviews and great features and went to a slightly larger size format. This is the Humor issue and has articles on the new video releases of Buster Keaton, The Loved One, Bedazzled, Eyeball Film Fax with Joe Queenan, Crispin Glover, Jimmy Tingle, Berkeley Breathed, Frank Henenlotter, Eyeball feature with Doug Kenney, Citizens Band, Cabin Boy, Simon of the Desert, Complex World, Best Times, Eyeball Drive-In: monster movie Q from Larry Cohen, Mad Love, Dead of Night, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, Black Sunday, Eyeball Focus on M. Emmet Walsh, and Notes for Tapeheads and of course the Eyeball Picks. King Cat comics by John Porcellino. There are even vintage ads for Videosmith (The Movie Buff's Movie Store), Tower Records and Pipeline Records and Discs now carrying "Psychotronic Videos".

Magazine has only the slightest shelf wear and is in near mint condition. There are total of 32 pages including the cover. The interior pages are printed black and white on uncoated white paper stock. No browning of the interior pages.

Please note that we are not professional graders of magazines or other published materials. Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself.

YEAR: 1994
SIZE: 8-1/4" x 10-1/2"

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