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Moggle 1-7/8 – Original Illustration + Coloring Comic Book


Mog•gle\måg-el\n: a group of monsters
Limited Edition Coloring Comic Book

Moggle 1-7/8 is an original limited edition illustration/art coloring book of whimsical monsters with absurd names that reside in your living environment and in your dreams. There is a short comic strip at the end of the book on how to grow, raise and care for your own Moggle monsters.

Please color in each page with colored pencils, crayons, or felt pens, and make it your own and send us pictures :) Or if you like it as is, we won't force you to embellish it at all. Your choice.

The first edition of the Moggle Book is completely sold out.

ARTIST: F. Paul Russell III
SIZE: 5-3/8" x 7" 
36 Pages
Handcrafted cover; no two alike
Limited edition of 50
Second printing
Hand numbered and signed

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