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Kawagoe Yokai Densetsu – Vintage Style Japanese Yokai Manga Comic Book


Kawagoe Yokai Densetsu Manga
Japanese Yokai History Comic Book

Writer / Illustrator: Taro Iga

We came across this great yokai comic book when we were traveling in Kawagoe, Japan. The book is printed on Japanese Washi paper and bound beautifully with black thread on the side. Very traditional style. It introduces 6 mini yokai horror stories (local history) from Kawagoe, Japan. Kawagoe is a well traveled city preserving the traditional vintage city scape about 1 hour from Tokyo. It is known as little Edo (Tokyo) and filled with much local history. During the summer, the city hosts a yokai night tour every year. The owner of the book store told us this comic book will be a guide for what the tour will cover in Summer 2015.

ARTIST: Taro Iga
SIZE: 5-3/4" x 8 1/8" 
PAGES: 24 Pages + Cover
DATES: August 3rd, 2013
LANGUAGE: Japanese

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