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Kune Kune Kobito Zukan – Arashi Kurobane – Series 2 – Weird Flexi-Figure by Kabaya

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Japanese Only Import Kobito Zukan flexible figure.

This Arashi Kurobane figure is still sealed in the original box. The figure is flexible and bendable around his arms and antenna.

Kobito Zukan is a very popular picture book among children and adults in Japan. Kobito means dwarf, little people or fairy, and Zukan means encyclopedia or pictorial book. Since sales of the Kobito Zukan books have become a huge hit, they have now released a variety of character goods, DVDs and movies. The Kobito characters are rather surreal and strange, but we found them to be irresistibly cute.

The Kune Kune Kobito Zukan Part 2 was released with 4 different figures in 2012 from Kabaya. The lineup from this series is Hotoke Akabane (Hotokeakabane), Shiobori Ochichi (Shioborioochichi), Arashi Kurobane (Arashikurobane), Tsuchino Kobito (Tsuchinokobito).

An excellent collectible action figure for the Kobito Zukan and/or weird Japanese culture fan!! We love all the bizarre and strange characters in this series of Japanese import toys!

YEAR: 2012
SERIES: Kune Kune Kobito Zukan Pt. 2
BRAND: Kabaya
DESIGNER/ARTIST: Toshitaka Nabata
SIZE: Approx 4 1/2 in (11cm) tall

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Below is a short clip of Kobito Zukan from DVD we found on YouTube.