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Gamera 2 – Attack of the Legion – Mini Diorama Sofubi Kaiju Vinyl Figures by Bandai


Japanese Only Import Gamera 2 vs. Legion kaiju mini figure diorama.

This mini vinyl figure diorama features a flying Gamera taking on the humongous kaiju Legion from the Gamera 2: Advent of Legion movie sequel by Daiei Film Co. Ltd. The figures are scaled-down versions of the Gamera and Legion kaiju. The Flying Gamera is about the size of a quarter and is attached to a plastic post with a ball at the end that snaps into the mini cityscape base. You can sort of adjust the flying position of Gamera by moving the post at different angles. The Legion figure is soft vinyl and does not attach to the base and can be placed anywhere in the cityscape or outside of it. Pretty neat and unique Shokugan toy. No box included, but this will arrive in 3 pieces. Just plug in the flying Gamera and it’s done. Each figure is hand-painted at the factory and can vary slightly in color, tone, and coverage.

This Gamera 2 mini-diorama vinyl figure set is mostly gray with splashes of color and green for our favorite flying turtle. This figure does not have any noticeable wear, but it has a molding mark on one side of the base (in pics) and a minor molding mark on the side of Gamera… which could be painted over with a small spot of green. This mini-diorama looks very cool on display (see pictures).

Excellent collectible action figure for the discerning Gamera and Daiei film fan!! We love all the bizarre and strange kaiju characters in this series of Japanese import toys!

YEAR: 1996
SERIES: Gamera 2
BRAND: Bandai
CONDITION: Very Good +
SIZE: Approx 4 in (10cm) at top of Gamera on post

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