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Okay, this film is a love letter to the classic Nissan GT-R. On the outset, it appears to be a regular Japanese crime drama. Except for the fact that the entire film is built around the bad ass KPGC110 Nissan Skyline police car that chases down perps, all the while smoking tires and drifting through the mean streets of Tokyo.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. It seems the local police force is having trouble chasing down the criminals with their average patrol cars. And that is where the GT-R makes it's entrance as a special pursuit vehicle. And yes, there is plenty of serious high-speed chase footage in this movie to see, even though some of it does appear to be sped up.

The film, as much as I can understand with my below kindergarten comprehension of the Japanese language, concerns an older officer (MASATO FURUOYA) who takes an eager youngblood (TETSUJI TODA, an actor and professional race car driver in Japan) under his wings as a mentor. And as it is with many police dramas, corruption always rears it's ugly head. In this case, the senior officer is not what he seems to be and is taken down by his own younger partner in dramatic fashion. Spoilers ahead.

But not before our real hero (the GT-R of course) is crashed, rolled, and blown to bits. In the end, the only thing to do is wipe away the tears while the whole car goes up in flames.

The V.C. Video Champ / NLP VHS release is slightly letterboxed, and the picture quality is better than my screen shots taken directly from the television with my iPhone. So no complaints about the captures, ratio, and color tone. Remember, it's only a VHS tape... only a VHS tape... only a VHS tape. And I am sure no real GT-R's were harmed in the making of this film.