Z-Grade t-shirts are here

Z-Grade has finally launched their very first original design t-shirts. Both new designs, Android Head and Confusion Hill, are hand screen printed one at a time using the EZScreenprint DIY kit.

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New VHS tapes added to Z-Grade

Another batch of Japanese Import VHS tapes have been added to the Z-Grade lineup. Head on over to Z-Grade and check 'em out. There is a nice mixture of gore and sci-fi in this latest batch. More plastic slab goodness listed in the coming days.

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Halloween Horrorthon 2016

Watching some of the classics and not so classics every day this Halloween from our VHS tape and DVD collection here at Z-Grade. For fun, we decided to do a random scene shot by iPhone from each film and post it on my Instagram. And to keep it interesting, not the typical horror image you would expect from each film.

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Okay, this film is a love letter to the classic Nissan GT-R. On the outset, it appears to be a regular Japanese crime drama. Except for the fact that the entire film is built around the bad ass KPGC110 Nissan Skyline police car that chases down perps, all the while smoking tires and drifting through the mean streets of Tokyo.

Movie Review


This rare DAIEI horror gem utilizes the legendary Yotsuya Kaidan storyline. This version is by director KAZUO MORI (aka: ISSEI MORI) who is best known for the excellent ZATOICHI series of films. The complicated storyline takes place around 1786 and concerns the life of a masterless samurai, Iemon (KEI SATO) who is unhappy in marriage with his ill wife Oiwa (KAZUKO INENO) and hates working for a living doing assembly piecework for umbrellas.