About Z-GRADE™

Welcome to Z-Grade. The Online Retail Store for Rare and Eclectic Finds. Sometimes, there is a fine line when cheesy becomes cool and horrible meets fantastic. 

Z-Grade™ is a unique online retail site that specializes in obscure VHS tapes and rare vinyl records from Japan and beyond, vintage and original design t-shirts, Japanese import toys, collectible magazines and comic books, vintage found objects, original artwork, hand-made products, and more.

The Choop (Paul, my husband) has always been a big collector ever since he could remember. He always amazes me as to how much he knows about movies that most people have never heard of or perhaps ever cared about. I too started to appreciate these films over the years and also have come to understand and appreciate the finer elements of these weird and wild cinematic treasures. (At least I think so most of the time.) :) Fascination with toys, music, art, and design were some interests we shared before we met. So, combining all those elements under the same umbrella came very naturally. But, I must say I'm still amazed with Paul's collection myself and what he has accumulated (and continues to do) over the years for his collection.

A little side story about Paul is that when he finishes reading a comic book, each one is placed into a plastic sleeve facing exactly the same way. He is very particular about it. And he's the same with his vinyl records, and just about everything else. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the type of care all our products receive here at Z-Grade. We grade all our items very fairly and conservatively as well. Now, I'm going to hand over the keyboard to Paul, so he can say what Z-Grade is all about.

What exactly is Z-Grade?

Z-Grade has been around since 1998. We started trading items on newsgroups before eBay existed. When eBay was introduced, we started selling many items there, but eventually stuck to mostly listing obscure Japanese VHS tapes. Later, we became active sellers on Amazon, and we are still there today as well.

Z-Grade is actually our garage converted to a studio. Imagine floor to ceiling cabinets lined with plastic storage boxes. On one shelf, 1000s of oddball movie mags from Famous Monsters of Filmland to the entire run of Video Watchdog magazines to date. In another, over 6000 vintage comic books along with MAD Magazines. And of course, tons of rare VHS tapes including tons of Japanese Imports. There you'll find the Z-Grade classic: Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century in the factory original vhs clamshell U.S. release! Or several VHS versions of my favorite Mex-horror gem: The Night of 1000 Cats starring Hugo Stiglitz. 

There was only so much room here at our place and the official Z-Grade site was born when we reached maximum capacity.

We hope you like the stuff on our site as much as we do. And thanks for reading. Get to shopping!

Paul & Saori